HCI Helsinki is a network of HCI researchers from different research groups in Helsinki, Finland.

We are an active and interactive research community conducting cutting-edge research on “hot” HCI topics. We meet on a weekly basis in the HCI seminar, where students, postdoc and professors share their early-stage ideas and ongoing work. We seek intellectual exchange with anyone passionate about HCI. We host talks from internationally renowned researchers and organize international conferences and other HCI-related events. We also provide prospective students with the opportunity to build a strong HCI foundation through the offering of a variety of courses and seminars.


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Research groups
User Interfaces – Aalto University
Ubiquitous Interaction – University of Helsinki
Art & Magic – Aalto University
McGookin’s group – Aalto University
Social Interaction and Emotion – University of Helsinki
STRATUS –  Aalto University
Aalto Game Research –  Aalto University



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