HelsinCHI Seminar

Usually first Thursday of every month, 14-16, TU6 at TUAS (Otaniementie 17, Otaniemi)

In the seminar  we discuss ongoing or upcoming work – in general half-baked ideas. The purpose of the meeting is to foster the flow of ideas, stimulate collaboration within the group, and for the presenter to get qualified feedback during early stages of a project. Preliminary results are very welcome but the HelsinCHI Seminar is not intended for presentations on submitted papers or practice talks.

Starting from Autumn 2016, the seminar has been theme-based. The three talks in every seminar revolve around the same theme.

After the talks, attendees are encouraged to continue their discussions over lunch.

The seminar is coordinated by Antti Salovaara. Contact him directly and suggest a talk.

Next seminars

The information about the seminars can be found from our Facebook group and from emails sent to the HelsinCHI email list.

Information on this is updated more rarely and may be out of date.

Instructions for presenters

Your presentation should not exceed 15 minutes. There will be a 5 minute Q&A session following the presentation. Antti will collect a title of your talk, meet you in advance (if possible) and advertise your talk in Facebook and in our mailing list.

Here are some guidelines you should follow when you are preparing a HCI Seminar talk:

  • Your talk should discuss ongoing or upcoming work.
  • A good idea is to build it around the main points of a conference talk:  what is the problem, why is it important to solve and why is it hard, what is already known about it (related work), how do you plan to solve it. Then present intermediate results.
  • You should end with a list of open questions, which you want to discuss with the group.
  • HCI Seminar is the wrong forum for presentations on submitted papers or practice talks.
  • If you are new to the group, it is a good idea, if you present former work in order to introduce it to the group. However, you should at least have one slide that explains your planed projects.
  • Give a short presentation of max. 15 minutes. If you have more than 10-15 slides your presentation is too long!
  • If you think a formula is necessary, please plan extra time to explain it in detail.
  • Many people within the group work on different projects and there are always people who are new to the group. Therefore, it is extremely important that you prepare the talk on a level that everybody can follow. In the first part of your talk you should explain your idea/project on a level, which can be understood by people with little HCI background.