Many interesting courses related to Human-Computer Interaction are offered in the Helsinki area, mainly as part of the following programs:

Ubiquitous Interaction, University of Helsinki, Prof. Giulio Jacucci (Google scholar)

  • Interactive Systems (Dr Salvatore Andolina) 582666
  • Human-Computer Interaction (Dr Antti Salovaara)  582201
  • Interface Technologies (Dr Antti Jylhä) 582681
  • Information Retrieval (at Aalto, Dr Tuukka Ruotsalo)
  • Information Visualization (at Aalto, Dr Luana Micallef) T-61.5010

User Interfaces COMNET AaltoProf. Antti Oulasvirta (homepage)

  • ELEC-E7850 – User Interfaces, 27.10.2015-04.12.2015
  • ELEC-E7860 – Research Project in User Interfaces, 05.01.2016-17.05.2016
  • ELEC-E7870 – Advanced Topics in User Interfaces L V, 13.09.2015-22.05.2016
  • ELEC-E7880 – Quality of Experience, 13.09.2015-20.03.2016

STRATUS, CSE Department, Aalto, Prof. Marko Nieminen


  • CSE-C3800, Käyttöliittymät ja käytettävyys, 5 op
  • CSE-E5800, User-Centered Methods for Product and Service Design, 5 cr
  • CSE-E5810, Usability evaluation, 5 cr
  • CSE-E5820, User interface construction, 5 cr
  • CSE-E5888, Design Project, 10 cr

TBD, Prof. David McGookin

Art & Magic, Prof. Tassu Takala

  • Individualized course on media technology (for PhD students)

Social Interaction and Emotion , Prof Niklas Ravaja